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We are currently seeking submissions for a number of future projects. See below for details and send your work here.


Wanted: short stories, flash fiction, poems, photography and illustrations for forthcoming anthology. No set themes or restrictions at this point. 


Tired of your job? Got issues with your boss? Have you found a positive way to survive the daily grind?

We are looking for poems, short stories, non-fiction, diagrams, spoofs, designs, illustrations and photographs representing both positive and negative aspects of work, any form of imaginitive escapism, and ways of coping.

A special zero hours contract will be offered to anyone who is shortlisted.


If you've got something that doesn't neatly fit into any catagory, then this is the wierdo anthology for you.

Really, this open to anyone, with anything - the strange and wonderful, the wierder, the better.

<500 BLOG

If you can't wait for the next book to see print, or have something topical that needs sharing RIGHT NOW, we're more than happy to put it on the blog and share it with the world.


 All photography and illustrations will need to be in b&w (or can survive being printed in b&w) as our budget is strictly monochrome.

We are happy to feature colour work on the <500 blog.


We just want to help get it out there.


While we would like to make a pile of cash with our books, we are doing this for the love, first and foremost. If your work is chosen, you will recieve at least one free copy of the finished article - we also hope that we can send you a few copies to sell yourselves, and are in the process of working out the details of this. In addition to the books being available online, we will have tables at Press Fairs whenever possible and are always looking for new stockists. 

If you have enough content to fill a book of your own and would like us to deisgn and edit your book, please drop us a line using the link at the top of the page.

Here's some things we like (in no particular order) and a few we don't.


Charles Bukowski
Dan Fante
Billy Childish
Richard Brautigan
Chris Morris
Cormac McCarthy
Bill Hicks
Charlie Brooker
David Lynch
Daniel Woodrell
Doug Stanhope
Stencils, tags and street art


Aesop Rock


Jim Dodge
David Milch
Adventure Time
David Simon
Ren & Stimpy






Dan Brown




Mummy porn


So don't bother sending us any of this thanks - there's enough of it in the world already. Unless  you can somehow combine and / or subvert all of the above, in which case, you will be our friend.





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