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Old stuff / out of print

Poetry books (original editions now out of stock) and everything else (now out of print)

Yeah, this is a boring page with some old pictures.
We'll get round to updating it properly it at some point...

Withdrawing In Disgust Is Not The Same Thing As Apathy Debut collection of poetry by Mark Beechill Second edition featuring new illustrations, 4 previously unpublished poems and the short story 'Idiots' Perfect bound paperback, 96 pages, b&w, illustrated

Peace Is Not Just The Absence Of War The second volume of poetry by Mark Beechill More musings on work, the daily commute, mental health and life in general Perfect bound paperback, 72 pages, b&w, illustrated

Delusions Of Adequacy by Mark Beechill Selected Poems, Volume 3 Perfect bound paperback, 104 pages, b&w, illustrated

MEH #4

Foxhole Magazine Vol 2 - Various

MEH #1

The List of Things I Have Seen Now Contains Everything (1st printing)


Foxhole Magazine Vol 1 Various

This Is For Kids Worried About The Apocalypse

Kung Fu In The Car Park - by Beechill / Belsey

GNTGKL by Beechill / Belsey

Scenes Of Canterbury

MEH #3

You May Be The Next Person Who Needs This

Pub Scrawl

Pub Scrawl

Created for the 2015 Bilton Square Beer Festival in Margate

MITR Vol 2 cover.jpg
Boriszine v2 cover.jpg
Mayzine v3 cover.jpg
L Faces cover.jpg
MITR vol 1 v1 cover.jpg

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